The Complete Isopod Living Soil Substrate Guide (2024)

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Isopod Table Of Contents 


  1. The Plant Microbiome Infographic  Page 3
  2. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium  Page 4
  3. Protozoa... The Beginning Building Blocks  Page 5
  4. Beneficial Predatory Mites YOU Need For Isopod Protection Pages 6-11
  5. Isopods Living Soil Substrate Recipe  Pages 12-14
  6. Organic Composting vs Vermicomposting (Bio-Active)  Page 15
  7. Living Soil Isopod Substrate Fabric Pots  Page 16
  8. 4 Composting Worms YOU Need For Isopod Success  Page 17
  9. Breeding White Springtails (Beneficial Populations)  Page 18
  10. The Importance Of Cover Crops (Infographic)  Page 19
  11. Understanding The Importance Of Cover Crops  Pages 20-23
  12. Cork Bark, Carbon, Cuttle Bone, & Lionhead Rabbit Manure  Pages 24-27


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