"Rubber Ducky" SOUGHT AFTER Designer Isopods (Cubaris sp) 6 Count

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World Origin: Thailand

Preferred Temperature Ranges: 75-80º Fahrenheit 

Preferred Humidity Percentage: Very High 

Average Isopod Size: 1.5 Centimeters

Breeding Skill Difficulty: Advanced

Value Of Isopod Species: RARE (Due To Market Demand)

Rubber Ducky Isopods (Cubaris sp) is THE sought-after Isopod for enthusiasts worldwide. These UNBELIEVABLE cute Isopods were discovered in 2017! Famous from Thailand, Rubber Ducky Isopods prefer high humidity (think tropical cave) with at least six inches or deeper of a well-built BioActive substrate.

Rubber Ducky Isopods like to burrow down to help them breed and molt, and we have found more remarkable success adding Red Wiggler Composting Worms to help add microbial diversity throughout the entire living soil substrate.


When building BioActive Isopod substrates, the focus should be on Calcium and aged leaf litter to create a successful reproduction cycle for your Designer Isopods.  

Rubber Ducky Isopods often spend significant time fully submerged in the substrate before and after molting. Famous for their faces, they gained their name for their distinct coloring.


Here at our store in Denver, Colorado, we usually see 1-10 sized broods. Although the Cubaris sp (Rubber Ducky Isopods) take a few months to acclimate fully, they will breed year-round once established.

Want A Variety Of Color Options For Your High-End Vivariums?

Pak Chong: Did you know there are a variety of "beak colors" to choose from when deciding which High-End Cubaris Isopod you prefer?


Known For its bold pink coloring "beak," the Pak Chong Isopod is a gorgeous pink-faced Rubber Ducky Isopod with a horrible name! The Pak Chong Isopod is one of the most underrated Cubaris sp Isopods on the market today!

Blonde Rubber Ducky: A light blonde "beak" color variation is found with the designer isopod known as the Blonde Rubber Ducky Isopod.


These color variations HOLD TRUE throughout the reproductive cycle, allowing Isopod breeders to improve the bright yellow coloring continually.


Calcium and insect frass help create the "color pop" most distinguished customers are looking for when purchasing this variation. 

White Rubber Ducky: With a white colored "beak," these White Rubber Ducky Isopods have become an even rarer collector Isopod in our community.


Choosing a reputable Isopod breeder matters most when dealing with Designer Isopods such as these. Unethical "Isopod breeders" prefer to choose this Cubaris sp to run con games with.  

Red Pak Chong: Another version of the first discovered Rubber Ducky crossed with the Pak Chong, but this variation of the designer isopod has a "Red-faced beak" instead of the pink-faced Pak Chong.


Newer to the scene, these Isopods show a bold red face and slight red coloring throughout their exoskeleton.

Our QUALITY Organic ONLY BioActive Living Soil Substrate    -Sold Here- 


Each order placed contains a minimum of 6 well-established adult isopods!


Here at Rubber Ducky Isopods, your new species is securely shipped in a culture start-up system that contains:

  • 6 ADULT "Rubber Ducky" (Cubaris sp) Designer Isopods
  • Organic Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • Rubber Ducky Isopod House Blend Superfood
  • Sprinkled Oak Leaves

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Learn More About Isopod Care:

Official Rubber Ducky Isopod Care Guide 2023

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