Pink Dragon "Designer" Millipedes (Desmoxytes Planata) 5 Count

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World Origin: Thailand

Preferred Temperature Ranges: 75-85º Fahrenheit 

Preferred Humidity Percentage: High

Average Isopod Size: 3 Centimeters

Breeding Skill Difficulty: Advanced (Adults ONLY)

Value Of Isopod Species: THE Rarest Millipedes 

"The Pink Dragon Millipede," also known as "The Shocking Pink Dragon Millipede" (Desmoxytes Planata), was discovered in Thailand around 2007-2008! As with most life found within our BioActive living soil substrates, we need a macro lens to truly appreciate this rare designer millipede's beauty. 

The pink color found on these millipedes is stunning to the eye, and you have to see them in person to notice the beauty of the rich and vibrant pink coloring. 

The Shocking Pink Dragon Millipede made international news when it was chosen in 2008 by the International Institute for Species Exploration and was chosen 3rd among the Top Ten new species for 2008! 

The adult Pink Dragon millipedes are approximately 3 cm long and live in the open on decaying leaf litter. Pink Dragon millipedes have glands that produce hydrogen cyanide to protect them from predators and are reported to give off a smell of "almonds" when they feel threatened. The amount produced is not harmful to an adult with limited handling. 

However, due to this secretion and their small, fragile nature, we do NOT recommend allowing children to handle these. Instead, let your children watch how active the millipedes become when you spray inside their enclosure!

Each order placed contains 5 well-established Designer millipedes!

Here at Rubber Ducky Isopods, your new species are securely shipped in a culture start-up system that contains the following:

  • 5 ADULT "Pink Dragon" (Cubaris sp) Designer Millipedes
  • Organic Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • Rubber Ducky Isopod House Blend Superfood
  • Sprinkled Oak Leaves

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