"Marbelized" Spanish Marble Isopods (Armadillidium c.f. espanyoli) 10

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World Origin: Spain

Preferred Temperature Ranges: 68-83º Fahrenheit 

Preferred Humidity Percentage: Medium

Average Isopod Size: .4-.8 Centimeters

Breeding Skill Difficulty: Easy Once Established

Value Of Isopod Species: Common Yet Underrated


Armadillidium c.f. espanyoli, better known as simply the "Marbelized," exotic-looking small vivarium cleaners.


These Isopods are considered a wise investment as they are incredibly effective at keeping vivariums or terrariums clean with little to NO effort from the owners. 

These small yet gorgeous Spanish Marble-looking Isopods are unbelievably underrated for their specific size and lovely color patterns. 


"Marbelized" Isopods will surely add a recognizable visual appeal to essential soil substrate setups and Isopod breeders looking to provide quality basic Isopods to create closed-loop living soil substrates. 

"Marbelized" Isopods reproduction rates are high enough to make this beautiful and unique-looking Isopod a budget-friendly alternative to better-known beginner Isopods. 


"Marbelized" Isopods add that visual POP to ANY enclosure design while also being an effective clean-up crew for your reptiles once they are established. 

Well-respected breeders have noted the Isopod species Armadillidium of any kind to have the potential to eat live plants.


We have never seen this, but with any Armadillidium species we keep, we overfeed with quality leaf litter, our in-house made Super Food blend, and a stronger focus on creating fruiting fungal bodies!  


Our QUALITY Organic ONLY BioActive Living Soil Substrate    -Sold Here- 


Each order placed contains a minimum of 10 well-established juvenile Isopods!


Here at Rubber Ducky Isopods, your new species is securely shipped in a culture start-up system that contains:

  • 10 Juvenile "Marbelized" (Armadillidium c.f. espanyoli) Isopods
  • Organic Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • Rubber Ducky Isopod House Blend Superfood
  • Sprinkled Oak Leaves

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