Magnolia Tree Seed Pods (Tennessee Mountains Elevation 5,512)

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5 Magnolia Tree Seed Pods Per Order

Finding the right Organic Matter distributor took us some time as most individuals were sourcing their materials with the potential of cross-contamination from pesticides and fungicides. The most important aspect of our business is that we provide ONLY quality bioactive products so you can shop confidently about where your organic matter is sourced from. 

Magnolia Tree seed pods provide an excellent alternative to expensive cork bark when building beginner Isopod vivariums and terrariums. These Magnolia pods break down slowly over time, allowing the Isopods to work in a symbiotic relationship with beneficial springtails and Rove Beetles!

A small investment in Magnolia seed pods will give you a year or more of continued accelerated breeding as smaller Isopods can trhive with the ability to hide in the endless crevices you find in these seed pods.   

Adding these to any Bioactive Isopod soil substrate should include Rove Beetles into your proactive setups; otherwise, most of you will experience batting fungus gnats, thrips, white flys, and common houseflies by using Mother Nature to combat Mother Nature from creating a nuisance pest breeding ground.     


Always FREE Standard Shipping!

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