Bio-Active Isopod Soil Starter Kit Complete WITH Your Isopod Choice

Included Isopod Choice (Pick 1): Dairy Cow Isopods (10 Count)
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Bio-Active Complete Living Soil Isopod Substrate  (EVERYTHING You Need)

Our Bio-Active soil substrate is made explicitly with Isopod health and higher reproduction rates in mind. Our handmade soil takes over one year to fully mature as we focus on building the overall health of our soil systems by executing the principles of the Soil Food Web as taught by Dr. Elaine Ingham and Jeff Lowenfels.


Our soil systems are built by using and benefiting from Mother Nature. We use 4 main composting worms to add vibrancy and bio-film throughout the substrate. As things come alive, these composting worms will break down organic matter into Carbon.


Carbon is the currency of the Soil Food Web, and the more Carbon we begin to build for our Isopods, the easier it is to maintain high health populations regardless of the Isopod species.  



We introduce beneficial organisms to combat pest pressures customarily associated with a newer Bio-Active living soil substrate during this soil creation process.

Beneficials We Use To Help Break Down Organic Matter

  • African Night Crawler Composting Worms
  • European Night Crawler Composting Worms
  • Georgia Jumper Composting Worms
  • Red Wiggler Composting Worms
  • Rhizomorphic Mycelium
  • White Temperate Springtails

Beneficials We Use To Help Combat Common Pest Pressures

  • Neoseiulus californicusSpider Mite Predator
  • Oribatid Mites: Generalist Soil Level Predator
  • Rove Beetles: Fungus Gnat and Generalist Soil Level Predator
  • Steinernema feltiaeFungus Gnat & Thrip Predator
  • Stratiolaelaps scimitusFungus Gnat & Thrip Predator


Our Bio-Active Isopod Starter Kit Also Includes:

  • Fungal Building Western Colorado Bark
  • Organic Leaf Litter (We Source Nationally)
  • Long Fibered Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • RDI's Isopod Breeding Super Food
  • Colorado Vermi-Composted Wood Mulch
  • Bioactive Soil Created By Paonia Soil Company
  • Organic Colorado Mushroom Compost 
  • 6 Quart High Grade Plastic Bin WITH Locking Lid 
  • Your Choice Of Isopods (see above list) INCLUDED!

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