Isopod & Springtail Breeding Super-Food (Hand-Made Here In Denver)

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Our handmade Isopod Super-Food was created to provide optimum nutrition & promote quality reproduction for ALL of your Isopod & Springtail needs!  These premium ingredients add to a well balanced diet of decaying wood, decaying bark as well as a variety of stages in decaying leaf litter.

(This is a concentrated food source that can last 6 months+ deepening on Isopod colonies size,  Better to underfeed than overfeed with this product)



Traditional Isopod Food Recommendations We Do Not Agree With:

Fish Flakes: Especially within new Vivarium or Terrarium setups, using fish flakes as an Isopod food source seems to attract a variety of unwanted vector pests and disease issues.  In a newer Bio-Active substrate setup, adding fish flakes allows mold to take hold usually within 24 hours; bringing fungus gnat flies as well as Detritivorous mites (Non-Beneficial Mites) to your Isopod substrate.  

*Rubber Ducky Isopods offers transparent & upfront pricing. Standard Shipping is always included within the price & we NEVER charge for cold or heat packs.

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