West Coast Indigenous Microorganisms Crafted By: Mindfully Rooted

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Indigenous microorganisms (IMO) have survived and thrived in their natural environment and contributed to the soil's harmony. Microbes are all around us, in the air, soil, water, and even inside us.

Every region has its own, IMO, microbes that have thrived in those regions for generations. We set out to collect these microbes in the perfect balance that nature provides us with.

These microbes are taken from a healthy old-growth forest and used to inoculate and create bioactive systems. 


Fungi and bacteria are all part of what is known as the soil food web, IMO helps us bring a tremendous number of fungal spores and a diversity of bacteria to supercharge the soils we are working with!

We take these microbes in nature's natural balance and preserve them using sugar which has been used as a preservative for centuries. To increase their populations, we then take these microbes and grow them on a substrate of microbial food.

This allows us to distribute these microorganisms to build a balanced bioactive system for living beings to thrive on.

IMO helps decompose organic material and aids as a catalyst for chemical processes in the soil that helps invigorate the soil.


Indigenous Microorganisms Handmade In San Diego, California

Jonny (Mindfully Rooted) is a gardening and natural farming enthusiast. In 2016, Jonny began growing food and medicine for himself and his family, which sparked his interest in learning about the world underneath our feet.

Following this passion for soil health, Jonny has attended numerous natural farming workshops and conferences, including an in-person course led by Korean Natural Farming's founder Master Cho.

Jonny has collected Indigenous microorganisms (IMO) and made natural farming inputs for several years. In his free time, Jonny can read and research natural and bioactive systems related to soil and plant health.

Mindfully Rooted was created in 2018 to share information about Jonny's natural farming projects and cultivate a sense of community.


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