East Coast Indigenous Microorganisms Crafted By: Microbes By Marco

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Marco Thomas recently was crowned the "Double Belt Grand Champion" from the National Cannabis Championship


5 cups: East Coast Handmade Virginia Magnolia Leaf IMO3 


Handmade with shredded Virginia Magnolia leaves, Organic Cracked Oats, and Organic Rice Bran, This IMO3 is loaded with fungi, yeasts, and other beneficials for healthy soil biology. This is a great way to increase fungal bodies in your Bio-Active soil substrates. Each IMO3 bag contains about 6 cups of dormant Indigenous Microorganisms made by Microbes by Marco.

The next level of Isopod breeding begins with understanding Natural Farming ideas and concepts. Authentic Bio-Active soil building starts with understanding how to create a diverse microbial world built upon achieving a healthy and robust Rhizomorphic mycelium fungal network.

Microbes By Marco has made an exclusive IMO3 collection for Rubber Ducky Isopods by incorporating Magnolia leaves and a unique formula made for Isopods. This handmade IMO3 Magnolia recipe takes 1-2 weeks to create and is closely monitored throughout this timeframe to ensure proper temperatures remain balanced.

You are buying a living, breathing work of art and Marco is well known in the High Carbon farming community to be one of the best there is. Rhizomorphic mycelium contains a dense living fungal food source for your Isopods to thrive!

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