Colorado IMO Composted Bark Mulch With Lion Head Rabbit Manure Finish

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24oz. Handmade Fungal Compost Mulch 


When it comes to a Bio-Active living soil substrate, most systems are sold as lifeless "DIRT." Our team at Rubber Ducky Isopods has reached out to several key partners to help build a TRUE Bio-Active setup that is FULL of life! 

The SECRET to making a healthy and thriving microbial world begins with sourcing the BEST and most diverse microbes available.  Indigenous Microorganisms (IMOs) allow serious Isopod breeders the ability to build a Soil Foodweb that has become ALIVE with a mixed microbial world. 

Our Colorado Compost Mulch is aged at least 1-year, focusing on building fungal growth.  Mycelium growth is then found when making Bio-Active substrates in this manner.   Rubber Ducky Isopods' Colorado Compost Mulch is enriched with Lion Head Rabbit manure to help our customers achieve higher fungal growth potential.

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