"Citrus" Orange Designer Isopods (Cubaris sp) ULTRA RARE 6 Count

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World Origin: Malaysia, Southeast Asia

Preferred Temperature Ranges: 75-80º Fahrenheit 

Preferred Humidity Percentage: Medium-High

Average Isopod Size: 1.3 Centimeters

Breeding Skill Difficulty: Moderate

Value Of Isopod Species: ULTRA Rare

Get ready to infuse a burst of color and charm into your terrarium with the Citrus Isopods, the ultimate designer isopods that will elevate your reptile and plant haven. These lively little critters not only bring vibrancy with their stunning hues but also play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and thriving terrarium ecosystem.

Origin and Unique Background

Citrus Isopods, scientifically known as Cubaris sp. "Citrus" are the shining stars of the Cubaris genus. These captivating isopods originate from select regions in Southeast Asia, where they thrive in the leaf litter and moss-covered floors of lush tropical forests. Inspired by the vibrant colors of citrus fruits, they add a burst of energy and beauty to any reptile and plant terrarium.

Through careful breeding and selection, Citrus Isopods have been refined to exhibit an array of striking and eye-catching hues, including shades of orange and, at times, yellow. These charming little creatures will surely be the center of attention in your terrarium, creating a lively and captivating display that will delight you and create a burst of color contrast against your Microforest Complete Soil Substrate.

Key Features and Care Tips

  1. Vibrant Delight: The Citrus Isopods' stunning colors bring a touch of vibrancy and liveliness to your reptile and plant terrarium. With their shades of orange and yellow, they create a visually captivating and dynamic environment.
  2. Ecosystem Heroes: These designer isopods play a vital role in maintaining a healthy terrarium ecosystem. They assist in breaking down decaying matter, promote nutrient recycling and keep the terrarium clean and balanced for your mini ecosystem and plants.
  3. Terrarium CompatibilityCitrus Isopods thrive in plant terrariums with moderate warmth and humidity, mirroring their natural habitat. Ensure proper Microforest Complete Living Soil BioActive Substrate moisture levels, provide hiding spots, and offer a variety of decomposing plant matter to fulfill their dietary needs. We also recommend using our hand-made SuperFood Blend, which gives them the complete supplementation needed to promote overall health, breeding, and maintaining those beautiful colors.
  4. Low-Maintenance CharmersCitrus Isopods are low-maintenance companions once their environment is dialed in, making them perfect for isopod and plant enthusiasts of all experience levels. They are adaptable, resilient, and do not require extensive care. Provide them with a suitable habitat and a varied diet, and they will thrive in your terrarium.

Join the Citrus Isopod Craze in the Reptile and Plant Community

Are you ready to add a burst of color and vivacity to your reptile and plant terrarium? The Citrus Isopods are here to make a statement. These vibrant designer isopods will enhance the visual appeal of your terrarium and contribute to the overall health and balance of the ecosystem you are striving to create. 

Order your Citrus Isopods today and let their vibrant presence create a stunning isopod environment!

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Each order placed contains 6 well-established ADULT isopods!

Here at Rubber Ducky Isopods, your new species is securely shipped in a culture start-up system that contains the following:

  • 6 ADULT "Citrus" (Cubaris sp) Designer Isopods
  • Organic Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • Rubber Ducky Isopod House Blend Superfood
  • Sprinkled Oak Leaves

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