"Temperate White Springtails" (Folsomia candida or Collembola sp.)

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World Origin: Found Worldwide 

Preferred Temperature Ranges: 65-80º Fahrenheit 

Preferred Humidity Percentage: Medium-High

Average Isopod Size: 1-4 Millimeters

Breeding Skill Difficulty: Easy Once Established

Value Of Springtail Species: Excellent "In-Soil" Clean Up Crew


*Mini MASTER CULTURES With Thousands Of Springtails Per Container


Folsomia candida, better known as the "Temperate White Springtails,"  provides various benefits to Bio-Active living soil substrates! 

This particular springtail species provides a unique experience for Isopod breeders as they work in symbiotic relationships with other Isopod species! 


Do YOU want to see the effectiveness of White Springtails for yourself when breaking down reptile fecal matter, reptile shedding, or simply essential housekeeping of breaking down waste and organic matter?  


Use Dwarf WhiteDwarf Purple, or Flordia Fast Isopods to break down organic matter into Carbon. Carbon is the currency of the microbial world: The more we can create, the more luxurious and vibrant our Isopods will become. Adding these to your gecko or dart frog Bio-Active vivariums allows the animal to hunt its food.  

Temperate White Springtails are detritivores, which means they obtain their nutrients by consuming decomposing plants and decaying organic matter, making them the perfect clean-up crew for a live vivarium. 

They are a valuable "INVESTMENT" addition to vivarium building and can be introduced by simply pouring a culture into the substrate layer of an already set-up habitat. 

Temperate White Springtails are tiny little hexapods, at 1-4 millimeters, making them a convenient food source for microscopic animals like dart froglets. 

Many Springtail species are available in the hobby today, but the most common and effective Springtails we've used are the Folsomia candida.

Our QUALITY Organic ONLY BioActive Living Soil Substrate    -Sold Here- 


Each order placed contains a minimum of Mini Master Culture well-established Temperate Springtails!


Here at Rubber Ducky Isopods, your new species is securely shipped in a culture start-up system that contains the following:

  • Mini Master Culture "Temperate White Springtails" - (Folsomia candida
  • Organic Clay Substrate
  • Rubber Ducky Springtail House Blend Superfood
  • Mineral Water

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